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Art Dump 1 by Lunamageice
Art Dump 1
Lots of these are like warm-up sketches that i rarely post on dA, but like they've been accumulating for a while now~ So i decided to post em ovo

alright im not gonna bother giving all these an explanation if ur curious just ask :iconrubcheeksplz:
Mizune Kiaru 2014 Full Body by Lunamageice
Mizune Kiaru 2014 Full Body

Mizune Kiaru (c) Lunamageice

I haven't drawn him in so long that my style's significantly changed since o0o He hit puberty :iconcryinplz: //shot

This was actually meant for his ACE bank release, but I thought since I finished it already why not just upload it~
Here's a demo of ACE: ACE Demo
Edit2: Here's a second demo with a C5 pitch ovo ACE+C5

Hope u don;t mind my not-so-shota anymore boi :iconyukinosorryplz:

if you'd like some of his older banks feel free to visit:
Kieran Valeford 2014 Full Body by Lunamageice
Kieran Valeford 2014 Full Body
Wowie last of my 3 boys~

He's got like no banks compared to Kiaru, but I recently made a tripitch CV-VV to test what he'd sound like as a multipitch, and hey why let this bank go to waste?
You can hear his most recent bank here: SAMPLE
The download's right under the sample~ >vo

He'll have his own powerscale soon vuv
Barrel Chris by Lunamageice
Barrel Chris
ye it a Chris Redfield from RE o3o
I've been on a drawing spree lately but iT ISN'T HELPING CAUSE ALL I'M DRAWING IS THINGS THAT I WANT TO DRAW NOT THE ONES THAT I NEED TO DRAW :iconlazepoolplz: send help omg
I dunno why i stuck him in a barrel o0o I thought it'd be cute tho OTL

apologizes to everyone whos still waiting for something from me OTL
idk if I should put filter cause like one word, but to me it's just a word so um tell me if y'all want me to filter this
What is your 'online' Name: 
Lunamageice~ >vo I'm that everywhere so you can find me fairly easily, although much of my old junk shows up OTL My gaming name's usually xSilverCrescentx ~ but i don't think thats really relavent here~

What UTAU's have you created?: 
I voice for some people so um I guess i list them in separate lists ovo
   My UTAUs:
     - Mizune Kiaru
     - Kieran Valeford
     - Kaine Kazuki
     - Awane Kishiko
     - Korine Rio - Zero09Studios
     - Akira Kenmotsu - PeriodPearls/Novocaine4thePaiN
     - Isao Ryota - ryuDrakita 

What UTAU's and UTAU makers do you look up to?: 
Welp I really like harumia's stuff and Samura Tomi :'0 I also really like Rook but his bank really has kinda fallen behind a bit now QwQ Like it's a good bank but he desperately needs an update. Ohh I really look up to SteelEmissary! His art, mixing, and UTAUs are all superb!! I usually really, really like UTAUs with manly voices but Alice Ouka and TaYLoR are some of the ones that are exceptions! They're just amazing *v* I actually still look up to Novocaine4thePaiN a lot :') On a side note, Vikotoro Nazuki and Namine Ritsu were really what made me decide to record Kiaru's 6-pitch powerscale bank OvO So yeah I look up to them!

What are some of your dreams as an UTAU maker?:
Well I really want to make my UTAUs the best I can! vuv Like Kiaru's kinda getting there since I gave him his powerscale now, but I still need much improvement! QuQ Also, I like helping people with UTAU, so I hope to maybe help people along with their own banks too!
I also want to make my UTAUs be able to sing in as many languages as I can muster up with decent accents~ Meaning I won't record a language if I have a thick accent in it!

What got you into UTAU?: 
Okay this is gonna sound sorta dumb, but I found harumia's cover of Jitter Doll with Ritsu Kire, and I just kinda listened to it a ton, and that made me want to make an UTAU. I had a shaky start to UTAU even though I had 2 friends during that time who were both using UTAU, one with 2 years of experience and one with 3, although I'm kinda reluctant to say that I learned close to nothing from that short time period T^T Shortly after, I met Zero09Ike and KitsuneofMusic. With those two, I really was able to put together the pieces and start on my way~ Without those two I honestly do not know where I'd be now vuvprobably still stuck on act 1 lol

What do you like best about your UTAU?:
What I like? Uhm, well, with Kiaru, I guess I like how far he's come since I first made him ovo When I first made him, he was a standard single pitch CV bank, and now he's a 6-pitch VCV powerscale(I will be adding more eventually) with Chinese, English, and Spanish banks along with several appends.
With Kieran, I just like how his first VCV was an append instead of the actual bank cause at the time I couldn't voice him with a more normal voice, but now he's my man voice xD He can't necessarily go deeper range-wise than Kiaru(the two actually have a similar range), but I like how much "deeper" he sounds when compared to Kiaru!
Kazuki isn't even voiced yet so uhm yeah.
With Kishiko, she originally started as a joke, so I'm just impressed that she actually sounds like a girl since it's almost impossible for me to sound like a girl and just purely impossible to genderbend my UTAUs OTL

What do you dislike/think you need to improve upon with your UTAU?: 
I don't like my accent. I mean, it's a lot better than it used to be, but I still am not fond of how I sound sometimes when I record.
Kiaru is generally fine overall, since now I've made him fairly versatile with the amount of banks I've recorded for him. Although i still feel like that he doesn't really fit his voice that well.
Kieran is pretty much fine as well, since I am making his powerscale VCV~ So he'll have that instead of that tripitch cv i just recorded and released lol
Kazuki lol I just need to settle down on a voice for him OTL
Kishiko's range is absolutely horrible. She's recorded in my falsetto voice, and can really only sing from C5 to A5, and she's super difficult to record. I really want to make a powerscale for her, but I honestly don't know if that's physically possible.

What are your plans for the future with your UTAU?: 
   - CV-VC English full or multipitch CV-VC lite
   - More pitches to his ACE bank (namely A4 and C5)
   - Multipitch Mandarin bank
   - ORIGIN, which is a gruff softish scale 
   - Buncha other languages
   - Powerscale (obviously)
   - I'd try an English bank with him, most likely CV-VC lite
   - Mandarin bank
   - A few appends
   - to actually record him lol
   - Maybe a powerscale if I can
   - A CV-VC lite English bank
   - Mandarin bank


Lunamageice's Profile Picture
Joe Lee
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
English | Mandarin | Spanish

Oh my god sabrina |D

I'm just someone who likes to draw and do random things! Hope we can be friends! ^.^
I also use UTAU!

:bulletpink:Mizune Kiaru
:bulletblue:Kieran Valeford
:bulletyellow:Kaine Kazuki

Stamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfear Stamp - Gimp User by firstfearStamp - Tablet User by firstfear

My Idols:

Wind-Up Studios:

Cool Peeps(in no particular order and that have not been listed above):

UTAU Homepage:


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I do art trades btw~ Feel free to ask |D I don't bite~

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